JustHiHeels 'n Healthy

This is my energy for the day - It's actually a Strawberry Banana Shakeo ready for me to hit the road with. This bad boy is the equivalent of 5 salads. 

Because I'm not a rabbit and don't get alot of nutrients I should; this is the love I need. Plus it gives me an extra energy boost as well. 

I actually look forward to something other than coffee in the morning now! Don't get me wrong, I DO have coffee as well. But it makes me feel good about getting those missing nutrients needed. I can definitely tell a difference in my hair and nails. It's a win-win!! 

I knew something had to change within myself to lose weight. There was a Christmas party Harley Man and I were invited too and I was having a hard time trying to find a "holiday" outfit. I didn't want to go out and buy something new to wear. There were plenty of choices in my closet. But they stayed there because they didn't fit. I did put something together but my confidence was at an all time low. I decided right then and there to do something about it. Something just clicked. I couldn't control alot of those other forces, but what I could control I WANTED to do. That was my weight. But I needed help and I needed to be accountable for it. Just doing it on my own I know would have broken down in time. 

I heard about the 21 Day Plan before. I heard of Shakeology before. I heard of Beachbody before. 

But I never tried the program before. 

Before now. 

I decided enough was enough and wanted to take control of my life. At least that part of it, anyway. I started in the most difficult month of the year, December with a challenge group that held us all accountable.

Guess what? I lost almost 10 inches that first round! That's with holiday parities, baking over 350 cookies, family gatherings and all! 

It's not easy, and I slipped up. But I gave myself permission as well knowing I HAD to have some goodies and bubbly! It was the holiday season after all!

I love 21 Day Fix and Shakeology. Do I slip up here and there? Absolutely. Did I eat carrot cake for my birthday and enjoy wine? Ummm yeah. But I get back into my routine the next day and start again. I'm not letting the excuses get the better of me because it feels great to be able to wear the clothes I couldn't fit into. It feels great knowing I am being pro active to live a healthier lifestyle. 

If you would like to know more about joining, please email, facebook or twitter me! 


JustHiHeels 'n Healthy